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Knowledge is the food of the soul. -Plato

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lit by candles, reading glasses and feather pen on stack of books on a tableThe freedom to learn lies at the heart of all great civilizations. It is a prerequisite to our other freedoms of speech, assembly, and worship. Indeed, education is the shield that arms our citizens against political tyranny and economic impoverishment.

While learning is an instinct, it is one that must be nourished and cultivated, and it is in this garden of the mind that the inductees of the International Adult and Continuing Hall of Fame have labored.

This International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame has been created not only to honor leaders in the fields of continuing education and adult learning but to serve as a record and inspiration for the next generation of continuing education leaders.

Election to the Hall of Fame acknowledges that these men and women have made distinguished contributions to the field of adult and continuing education. Each has provided a crucial nexus between resources and learners.

These innovative leaders have believed passionately in the evolutionary power of education. All are themselves exemplary lifelong learners and have left lasting impressions on the students, institutions, and organizations they have served.

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