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2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

Hall of Fame 2011 — Toronto, Canada

Sixteen adult and continuing education leaders from around the world were inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education (IACE) Hall of Fame on April 7, 2011 in Toronto, Canada, in conjunction with the University Professional & Continuing Education Association’s Annual Conference (UPCEA). The UPCEA is the largest single gathering of higher education professionals who develop, implement, and promote professional and continuing education and online learning in North America.

Joan Allsop

Mary L. Ely

Michael W. Galbraith

Katarina Popovic

AndrĂ© Schläfli

Victor A. Arredondo

Gary A. Eyre

Romita B. Iucu

Daniel D. Pratt

Richard Summerville

Mary Alice Wolf

Chere Campbell Gibson

William J. Flynn

Kathleen P. King

Warren P. Rucker

Rajesh Tandon

2011 Inductees group


view of the hallway with framed photos of the inductees

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