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Frequently Asked Questions

James P. Pappas Scholarship


You must be a North American or international adult education major and working toward the completion of a higher education degree, preferably in the fields of adult and higher education or continuing education.

Yes. You must have a minimum of 15 or more hours (units) and a cumulative 2.5 GPA if you are seeking a bachelor’s degree; you must have 6 or more hours (units) and a cumulative 3.0 GPA if you are seeking a graduate degree.

No. One recommendation must be from a faculty member or academic advisor in your program.

The IACEHOF recommendation form from the IACEHOF website must be used or the application will be considered incomplete and ineligible for review.

The essay for the scholarship will be judged on written content and writing skills and should be at least 400-750 words in length. In your essay you should identify current issues and challenges in the field of adult education and/or continuing education. What do you see as future trends for the field? In what way(s) do you hope to impact the field? What is your personal philosophy of lifelong learning?

Previous winners are eligible to reapply for the IACEHOF James P. Pappas Scholarship.

Download both forms and complete:

The scholarship recipient will receive an email from the IACEHOF Selection Committee Chair six weeks after the application deadline.

No, the scholarship check is sent to the student in time for the spring semester (January).

The IACEHOF James P. Pappas Scholarship application period is from July 1 to October 3.

No. Scholarship recipients are not required to write a follow-up report; however, we would be interested to learn how you have used the scholarship and how you are progressing in your program and career.

If I have any questions, to whom should I direct them and how?

Please contact:           

Nina R. Barbee, Ph.D.
(405) 325-6361





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