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Gifts and Contributions


The Board of Directors of the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame has initiated an internal fund drive among Hall of Fame members to create an endowment of $1,000,000. This will serve to ensure perpetuity in the Hall of Fame’s efforts to honor leaders who have made exemplary contributions to our profession. Members of the Hall of Fame who make contributions to the endowment fund or contribute to the annual operating expenses will be recognized by giving level at the annual induction ceremony.

One way both to support the work of the Hall of Fame and to honor an individual’s contribution to adult and continuing education is to make a memorial gift. You may designate a memorial gift either to the Hall of Fame endowment or to general Hall of Fame operations.

How your gift can help the Hall of Fame

Since 1996, the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame has provided recognition of the world’s innovative leaders in adult and continuing education. We look to Hall of Fame members, educators, and friends for support in bestowing honors upon these outstanding individuals.

As members of a global academic community, your generosity assists us with the financial costs of this esteemed program. The University of Oklahoma has maintained the Hall of Fame’s operation through in-kind staffing and other contributions toward direct costs.

Make a Gift to the Hall of Fame Endowment

The Board of Directors has established an endowment account to which you can directly contribute. Your gift will help the Hall of Fame’s operation into perpetuity. The attached card provides you an opportunity to indicate your gift to the Hall of Fame’s endowment.


  • Diamond member………… $30,000 and above
  • Emerald member………… $20,000
  • Sapphire member………… $15,000
  • Ruby member………… $10,000
  • Platinum………… $5,000 +
  • Gold………… $3,000
  • Silver………… $1,000
  • Bronze………… $500
  • Supporter………… $100

Make a Gift to the Operation of the Hall of Fame

Supporting the day-to-day operation of the Hall of Fame is vital. Operation gifts help us meet the expenses incurred in funding such activities as:

  • Hall of Fame annual induction ceremonies
  • Hall of Fame plaques and kiosk
  • Maintenance of the Hall of Fame at the University of Oklahoma
  • Hall of Fame web site
  • Hall of Fame program development

To make a gift:

A gift to the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame is a self-perpetuating element in the presentation of legacies in lifelong learning. In perpetuity these legacies never go out of date. In perpetuity these legacies continue to inform and inspire skilled and talented legatees. A gift to the Hall of Fame becomes a part of the trusteeship by those who love the spirit of learning.

Payment can be made on-line below:

Or, print the gift card and/or print the Pledge Card and mail to the office given on the form.


Hall of Fame 'Outstanding Mentors' plaque

Outstanding Mentors

Mentors Plaque Guidelines

An Outstanding Mentors Plaque has been placed in the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. The Plaque consists of 60 individual brass plates to recognize and honor special people who have helped one achieve success along life's journey.

Learn more.


Mail Gift Card to:

University Outreach
The University of Oklahoma
1700 Asp Avenue
Norman, OK 73072-6400

Recognition of these tax-deductible contributions by individuals and organizations will be included on our web site and in each year’s program.



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