L.S. Pope

L.S. Pope

Hall of Fame Class of 2001

L.S. "Bill" Pope's contributions to the progress of continuing education span a half-century. He is an outstanding educator who's creative and innovative contributions to the improvement of agricultural education and leadership development have been recognized worldwide. During his years of dedicated service to the agriculture industry, he served as a teacher, researcher, and administrator at three land grant universities. He continues to serve in retirement as Executive Secretary of the International Association of Directors of Leadership Development Programs. 

Dr. Pope received his Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University and led that institution's department of animal science, where he developed an outstanding program with a national and worldwide reputation for excellence. As Associate Dean of Agriculture at Texas A&M University, he was instrumental in establishing six Research and Extension Centers in the state, which greatly expanded the capability of research and adult education. Recognizing the need for an updated agribusiness specialist, he developed the Master of Agriculture degree, patterned after well-recognized MBA programs. As Dean and Director of the College of Architecture at New Mexico State University, Dr. Pope created the Range Improvement Task Force to assist with problems between ranchers and the Bureau of Land Management. From this position, he encouraged improved agriculture of the Navajo Indians in the northwest part of New Mexico. For this and other contributions, he was named "Man of the Year" in New Mexico Agriculture in 1984.

He developed a two-year adult leadership program, Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership (TALL). This excellent program selects 30 outstanding young adult men and women with leadership potential for two-year educational programs that include interaction with leaders and legislators. 

Dr. Pope has received many awards and honors including the Distinguished Service Award from the American Society of Agricultural Consultants in 1980, the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau Award for Distinguished Service to the Livestock Industry in 1980, the Enchantment Improvement Award from New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau in 1985 for improving research and extension throughout the state, and the Outstanding Contribution Award to Texas Agriculture from the Houston Chamber of Commerce in 1976.